About Us

Sabrina DowdySabrina has been serving Knoxville area brides since 1978. While it is common today to see a woman photographer, Sabrina was a pioneer in the industry. She suffered some hardships, both personal and professional, getting her foot in the door and was shunned by many old school photographers. Those days are behind us, but she has never forgotten her commitment to her brides...the desire to serve them according to Galations 5: 13-14, serve one another in love...

It is rare to find a local photographer with the skill and experience that Sabrina possess, she always desires to stay current with the current styles and techniques- she recently won best in show for her wedding portfolio among her regional peers. However, in comparrison to all of her skills and accolades they do not measure up to her desire to meet the needs of her clients, especially on a crazy emotion filled wedding day.

Sabrina is not limited to weddings she has a large baby and family following. We think her baby photography is getting kicked up a notch with the arrival of her own grandson! Sabrina loves what she does and believes this passion is a gift from God...and we think so too!

Stephen DowdyStephen has been a student of photography since his teens, growing up in an austere environment he didn't have the money for a camera to call his own but that did not stop him from learning from books and dreaming about his own style. he served in the US Army Special Forces for over 14 years and traveled the world on numerous real world contingency operations. Upon retiring he has carried the bag of Sabrina for three years and since has worked as a freelance photographer in the local magazine market and has been shooting his own weddings since 1999.

His passion for cross cultural communication has been a tremendous help in ensuring a smooth and fun day during the often hectic wedding time line. If you ask, Stephen would admit that her never would of thought that he would be interested in wedding photography, but Sabrina shared her passion and it stuck. While it's hard to love weddings as much as Sabrina, Stephen loves his calling to serve others.